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Co-Founder & Marketing Director, at Squeak Knights (Previously Silent Floor Solutions)

Squeak Knights is a service dedicated to the silencing of squeaky floors, using a proprietary process invented and perfected by our team.

As the Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Squeak Knights since its inception in 2009, I have been responsible for the company’s digital and physical presence. Responsible for corporate branding, trademark process, franchise setup, digital-marketing, trade-show design and organization, pricing strategies, and more.

I am responsible for ensuring that the Squeak Knights brand is cohesive throughout all customer interaction points; such as graphics, web, ads, yard signs, trade-shows, car wraps, video, staff training, etc.

Please see some sample work below.

Please note most work samples are prior to rebranding from Silent Floor Solutions.

Illustration Series for Use in Print, Blog and Web

Acting as the Art Director for the creation of these illustrations, my aim was to create imagery that would help the company communicate Silent Floor Solutions' (now Squeak Knights) message in a relatable and tangible way for a variety of print and web applications.

Painter Marina Feldman is credited for creating all of these pieces.

Print Marketing Materials

For a business, flyers, door-hangers, note-pads, business cards and yard signs are standard methods of delivering its message to private consumers. Over the years of heading the marketing efforts for Silent Floor Solutions (now Squeak Knights), I have embarked on many such projects, contracting different designers and suppliers as the company evolves and continues to grow.

Tradeshow Booth Design

Starting from the second year in business it became apparent that a service for squeaky floor repair would be best presented and explained in person. With the help of our amazing team, I was able to design, develop and build this tradeshow booth design. The aim was to create an inviting, open concept environment, where our staff and customers would feel at home and be able to speak about their specific flooring issue.

Video Series

With the help of amazingly talented David Killing, we have set out to create a video series which would allow us to inform potential clients on a mass scale, in a high quality, cohesive experience. Our aim was to build trust with the viewer and to answer all of their potential questions, leading to Silent Floor Solutions (now Squeak Knights) gaining an excited new client!

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