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Industrial Designer, at Cervelo Cycles

For nearly seven years I had been the sole Industrial Designer at Cervelo Cycles. I had the opportunity to push the design boundaries of high performance, world class cycling. Having been the Industrial Designer, I lead the design direction of a team of Mechanical, Aerodynamic and Structural Engineers. When it comes to user-centric design, I was one of the focal points of that group of experts. Thanks to my help, the structural, aerodynamic, mechanical and biometric inputs of the Engineers culminated into sensible, cohesive, manufacturable and beautiful products.


In a way, the P5 is the culmination of nearly seven years of my experience at Cervelo. Almost all of the aspects of the Engineering team’s expertise was required for this cutting edge project. All of our years of working as a team came together to make the P5. Yes, the primary aim was always to make the world’s most aerodynamic race worthy bicycle, but the aims of stiffness, light weight, ride quality, ease of assembly and disassembly, service, compatibility and striking beauty, were not trailing very far behind. I love puns!


Cervelo P5

In the words of the end-user

Cervelo P5 Aerodynamic Research
Cervelo P5 Ideation, CAD, Prototyping, Validation, Detailing, Production
Additional Cervelo Projects
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