As the Chief of Design at Vanhawks Inc. I lead our team in product direction and the design process that has helped our company achieve its goal of delivering the world’s first IoT connected bicycle. In a span of a year and a half, our small team put together and shipped a complex, one of a kind product. In the same period of time we put together the company itself, as it had barely existed before this Kickstarter project began. As one of four heads of the company, I had been closely involved in the process of building the product as well as the team, using project management tools such as Jira, Wrike and Asana to manage my immediate team and integrate with the rest of the company.

For nearly seven years, prior to Vanhawks, I had been the Industrial Designer at Cervelo Cycles. I had the opportunity to push the design boundaries of high performance, world-class cycling. Having been the only Industrial Designer, I lead the product design direction of a team of Mechanical, Aerodynamic and Structural Engineers. When it came to user-centric design, I was one of the focal points of that group of experts. Thanks to my help, the structural, aerodynamic, mechanical and biometric inputs of the Engineers culminated into usable, sensible, cohesive, manufacturable and beautiful products, which cyclists all over the world can trust and fall in love with.

Mark Remennik